Todo Sobre Enmiendas Agrícolas: Del Humus al Basalto

Especially the Agricultural Amendment: From Humus to Basalt

Soil is the foundation of any garden or farmland. Their health and fertility not only determine the growth of plants, but also determine the quality and quantity of crops available. Fortunately, the Agricultural Amendment provides an ideal solution for improving and revitalizing soil quality. But what are they and how do they work? Let's explore.

Types of Agricultural Amendments There are several types of agricultural amendments that can be classified based on their origin and function:

  1. Organizational Amendment:

    • compostProducts produced by the decomposition of organic waste.
    • fecesAnimal sources can be cows, horses, sheep, etc.
    • Earthworm humusThe product of earthworms digesting organic waste.
    • peatPartially decomposed organic matter found in swamps and humid areas.
  2. Inorganic modification:

    • Agricultural lime: Used to reduce soil acidity.
    • Agricultural gypsumImprove the structure of clay and saline soil.
    • Basalt powderBasalt fine powder rich in basic minerals.
    • Pearlite and vermiculite: Improve ventilation and water retention in the soil.
  3. Salinity and Alkalinity Amendment:

    • calcium sulfate: Correct sodium soil.
    • acidNeutralize alkaline soil.

The synergistic effect of humus and basalt Although each amendment has its own set of benefits, sometimes combining them can produce surprising results. One combination is a mixture of earthworm humus and basalt powder.

Humus provides organic matter to the soil, improves its structure, benefits water retention, and promotes biological activity. On the other hand, basalt powder enriches the soil with essential minerals that are crucial for the healthy growth of plants.

When these two amendments are combined, a perfect symbiotic relationship will emerge. Plants not only receive necessary nutrients, but also benefit from ideal soil texture to develop strong roots and increase nutrient absorption.

conclusion The Agricultural Amendment is a powerful tool for turning barren land into fertile and productive land. At Mineavi, we offer solutions that combine natural intelligence with scientific knowledge to ensure that your garden or crop reaches its maximum potential. Whether you are looking for humus, basalt, or a combination of the two, we are here to help you thrive.

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