Agricultura Regenerativa: El Rol de Revitalización del Suelo y la Lucha Contra el Cambio Climático

Regenerative Agriculture: The role of land revitalization and the fight against climate change

Promoting soil health and carbon capture with mineral amendments and ecological practices

Regenerative agriculture is presented as a promising solution in the face of climate change challenges, especially in sectors such as viticulture, where negative consequences are increasingly evident. With warmer summers and extreme climatic conditions, it is crucial to adopt practices that not only face these challenges, but also contribute to the repair and revitalization of agricultural ecosystems.

A fundamental aspect of regenerative agriculture is its focus on soil regeneration. Soil degradation worldwide and intensive use have decreased their ability to house life, including essential microorganisms for carbon fixation. Restoring soil life and increasing its ability to absorb and kidnap atmospheric CO2 is essential to reverse environmental damage and improve crop resilience.

This is where Mineravi plays a crucial role. Our products, based on minerals extracted from our own quarries, offer ecological and sustainable solutions for regenerative agriculture:

  1. Mineral amendments: Basalt flour and Mineravi volcanic lava flour are rich in essential minerals and trace elements. These products improve soil structure, encourage microbial activity and increase fertility, contributing to soil's health and vitality.

  2. Lombriz and compost humus: These organic products enrich the soil with nutrients and organic matter, improving their structure and water retention capacity. They are fundamental to revive exhausted soils and promote a healthy underground ecosystem.

  3. Enriched substrates: Mineravi substrates mixtures, which combine organic and mineral components, provide a perfect balance for plant growth, imitating the natural conditions of the soil.

  4. Diatomea land: As a natural pest control, the diatomea land reduces the dependence of chemical pesticides, aligning with a more ecological and regenerative approach.

Regenerative agriculture is not just an agricultural practice; It is a philosophy that seeks to work in harmony with nature. By imitating natural processes and strengthening soil life, we can face challenges such as early maturation, droughts and erosion, while contributing to carbon capture. Mineravi products are allied in this mission, offering farmers tools to nurture and revitalize their lands in a responsible and sustainable way.

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