Abonos o Fertilizantes Organominerales: Combinando lo Mejor de Ambos Mundos

Organomineral fertilizers or fertilizers: combining the best of both worlds

Fertilizers and fertilizers play an essential role in the nutrition and health of plants. While some derive from organic sources, and others of minerals, there is a category that combines the best of both worlds: organomineral fertilizers. But what are exactly and how do they benefit our plants? Let's discover it!

What is an organomineral fertilizer?

An organomineral fertilizer is one that combines organic ingredients, such as humus or compost, with specific minerals. These fertilizers are a fusion between nutrients that are naturally found in organic matter and the specific advantages of minerals.

Advantages of organomineral fertilizers

  1. Nutritional complexity: When combining organic and mineral components, multiple essential nutrients are offered in a single product, covering a wide range of plants' needs.
  2. Gradual release: Organic nutrients usually freely release, providing constant food. When combining it with minerals, it is guaranteed that plants receive what they need, when they need it.
  3. Soil improvement: The organic component improves soil structure, increases water retention and encourages biological activity. Minerals, meanwhile, provide essential elements that are often deficient in the soil.

Minerals in organomineral fertilizers

While there is a variety of minerals that can be included, in Mineravi We focus on:

  • Basalt flour: A volcanic mineral that provides essential micronutrients and improves soil structure.
  • Volcanic lava flour: Known for its ability to retain water and nutrients, it is ideal to improve soil porosity.
  • Dolomita cal: This mineral not only corrects the acidity of the soil, but also provides calcium and magnesium, essential for plant growth.

Why choose Mineravi organomineral fertilizers?

In Mineravi, our mission is to offer products of the highest quality that are both effective and sustainable. When choosing our organomineral fertilizers, you are not only nourishing your plants, but also investing in soil health and the future of sustainable agriculture.


Organomineral fertilizers represent a perfect combination between nature and science, offering complete nutritional solutions for our plants. In Mineravi, we are proud to offer products that not only take care of your plants, but also from the planet.

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