Arena Sílice para Filtración de Agua de Piscina y Riego Agrícola

Silica Sand for Pool Water Filtration and Agricultural Irrigation

Silica sand has been a vital element in water filtration and purification for centuries. With evolution in current technology and needs, it has become an essential filter medium in various applications, from swimming pools to agricultural irrigation. In Mineravi, we are proud to extract our silica sand directly from our carrières in Spain, guaranteeing a superior quality product.

How does the silica sand in filtration work?

Natural silica sand has a sub-angle rodie form, which makes it an ideal filter medium to capture solids suspended in water. During the filtration process, the water passes through a layer of silica sand, where impurities and particles are trapped in the spaces between the sand grains.

Composition and characteristics

The composition of our silica sand is mainly from SiO2, with a purity of more than 96.7%. Thanks to this high concentration of silica, the sand is not only lasting, but can also be calibrated precisely to achieve effective filtration.

Different degrees of our sand include 16/30, 8/16, 6/14, 14/25, 20/40, 18/8, 2/4, 3/6, 6/13, 13/19 and 14/25. The choice of degree will depend on the required type of filtration and the size of the particles you want to catch.

Chemical properties

It is essential that the silica sand used for filtration has adequate chemical purity, especially if it is going to be used in the treatment of drinking water. Our product meets the minimum demands for water treatment for human consumption, taking into account Impuretés and other additives that could be present in lower quantities.

Practical applications

  1. Pool filtration: Silica sand is essential to keep water from the pools clean and clear. His ability to catch small particles makes it ideal for this purpose.

  2. Agricultural irrigation: In irrigation systems, filtration prevents the obstruction of the emitters, guaranteeing a constant water supply to the crops.

  3. Drinking water treatment: His ability to eliminate impurities makes it ideal for use in water treatment plants.

  4. Filtration in industries: Various industries, from chemistry to energy production, trust the silica sand to purify the water used in its processes.


The silica sand extracted from our quarries in Spain is a high quality product that has proven essential in water filtration in various applications. Its high purity, resistance and filtering capacity make it a preferred choice for many professionals in the field. In Mineravi, we commit ourselves to provide only the best to meet your filtration needs.

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