Chorreo con Arena para la Renovación y Limpieza de Superficies

Chorreo with sand for renewal and cleaning of surfaces

Welcome to the blog, its provider of trust in high quality materials for the drip with sand. Today, we want to immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of sand, an essential technique for cleaning, polished, and surface engraving that has revolutionized the way we treat materials in various industrial and artistic sectors.

What is the drip with sand?

The drip with sand, also known as sandblasting or sandblasting, is a process by which abrasive material is propuls, such as our top quality silica sand, against a high speed surface. This technique allows effectively impurities, paint, oxide, and other coatings, leaving the surface impeccably clean and prepared for any subsequent treatment.

Versatile applications

From the restoration of vehicles to the treatment of metal surfaces and the cleaning of facades, the drip with sand has a wide range of applications. In addition, it is used in decorative glass and stone engraving, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness in different materials and projects.

Our products

On, we understand the importance of using materials of the highest quality to guarantee optimal results in all its drip projects with sand. Therefore, we offer silica sand, the abrasive most used in the sand, in various granulometries to adapt to their specific needs:

  • Fine and thick silica sand: Perfect for different levels of abrasion, depending on the delicacy or robustness of the surface to be treated.
  • Wet and dry sand: To adapt to different drip methods, either in humid or dry environments.
  • Versatile presentations: Available in Big Bags of 1,000 kg for large projects or in practical 25 kg bags, ensuring that you always have the right amount for your work.

Commitment to security and the environment

Security is essential in the saptering process with sand. It is essential to use individual protective equipment to avoid dust inhalation and skin contact. In addition, at, we are committed to the environmental impact of our operations, offering products that comply with local regulations for health protection and the environment.


Chorreo with sand is a powerful and efficient technique for surface renewal and cleaning, and at, we are proud to be their trusted ally, offering materials of the highest quality for their projects. Whether you are restoring a classic vehicle, cleaning a historical facade, or creating a work of glass or stone, we have the materials you need to achieve exceptional results.

Visit our website to explore our product range and discover how we can help you carry your sausage projects with the next level.

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