¿Cómo se aplica la Leonardita?

How does Leonardita apply?

How is Leonardita 40 applied? Does it mix directly with the ground or do you have to dilute it or have it to be activated with potassium hydroxide?

The Leonardita with 40% of humic acid content (Leonardita 40) is generally applied by mixing it directly with the soil. Here is a basic guide on how to apply it:

  1. Direct application to the ground: The Leonardita can be incorporated directly to the ground before planting or during crop. It is important to mix it well with the ground to ensure a uniform distribution.

  2. Dilution: Although it is common to mix the leonardita directly with the ground, some products may require prior dilution. This depends on the specific formulation for very specific projects. 

  3. Potassium hydroxide activation: It is not commonly necessary to "activate" leonardita with potassium hydroxide for use in agriculture. However, in industrial processes, potassium hydroxide is sometimes used to extract wet acids from leonardita and produce moist acid potassium salts. For agricultural applications, this step is usually not needed.

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