La AEA presenta la versión en castellano del Estándar Europeo de Plantación de Árboles

The AEA presents the Spanish version of the European Tree Plantation Standard

The Spanish Arboriculture Association (AEA) has taken a significant step in the promotion of sustainable and safe practices in arboriculture with the launch of the Spanish version of the European Tree Planting Standard. This essential manual, now accessible to a broader audience, becomes an indispensable reference for all professionals in the tree sector in urban and non -forestry environments.

The European Tree Planting Standard covers fundamental techniques, procedures and requirements for tree planting, focused on guaranteeing its correct establishment and development. In addition to providing a detailed guide on the plantation, this document includes vital security criteria for woodlands and other workers in the sector, marking a standard in tree planting and care operations.

The planting of trees in urban environments is not only an aesthetic activity, but a vital contribution to the improvement of the quality of life in our communities. The trees not only embellish the urban landscape, but also play a crucial role in the mitigation of climate change, the improvement of air quality and the promotion of biodiversity.

The availability of this standard in Spanish opens the door to a better training and knowledge for the woodists and professionals of the sector in Spain and other Spanish -speaking countries. The AEA, with this initiative, reinforces its commitment to the promotion of safe, efficient and sustainable arboriculture practices.

The European Tree Planting standard in Spanish can be downloaded directly from the AEA website, offering a valuable and accessible resource for all those interested in the planting and care of trees in urban and community environments.

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This launch represents a significant advance in Spanish and European arbiticulture, providing an educational and practical tool to improve the standards of planting and care of trees in our cities and towns. The AEA continues to lead the way in promoting responsible and professional arboriculture, benefiting our communities and the environment.

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