Revitalizar Viñedos con Harina de Basalto: Un Impulso Natural para Vinos de Calidad

Revitalize vineyards with basalt flour: a natural impulse for quality wines

Discover how basalt flour is transforming viticulture, improving the taste and sustainability of the vineyards.

The world of viticulture is experiencing a green revolution, with basalt flour as the protagonist. This ground volcanic mineral is a key component to revitalize the vineyards and improve the quality of wines, thanks to their wealth in essential minerals.

What does basalt flour contribute to the vineyards?

Basalt flour is rich in silicon, calcium, magnesium and iron, in addition to another 70 minerals and trace elements. These nutrients are fundamental for the healthy development of vines and offer multiple benefits, such as improving soil texture, strengthening plants and activating soil microbiome.

Importance of microelements in viticulture

Plants need more than 32 minerals for optimal and balanced development. Microelements are crucial in all the physiological processes of plants, especially as enzymatic activators. The absence of these elements affects crop development, limiting their growth and production. Basalt flour, with its wide range of minerals, ensures the availability of these essential nutrients.

Benefits in viticulture

Viticultors who use basalto flour report improvements in the flavor and quality of wine, an increase in production and greater resistance of plants to diseases and pests. In addition, it is compatible with biodynamic agriculture and improves drought tolerance and thermal stress.

How to apply basalt flour in vineyards

The basalt flour application is simple. It can be spread directly on the ground, mix with compost or integrate into irrigation water. The recommended dose varies, but is usually 400-600 kg per hectare.

Why do winemakers choose basalt flour?

Viticultors opt for basalt flour for their ability to improve soil health and strengthen crops naturally and sustainably. Its use reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and contributes to a more environmentally respectful viticulture.

In conclusion, basalt flour is not only a mineral amendment; It is an investment in the long -term health of the vineyards and in the superior quality of the wines. Its application represents a step towards a more conscious and respectful viticulture with the planet, whose results are enjoyed in each glass of wine.

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