Relación entre vinos volcanicos y las enmiendas agricolas volcanicas

Relationship between volcanic wines and volcanic agricultural amendments

The relationship between volcanic wines and agricultural amendments such as basalt flour and volcanic lava flour is quite direct and focuses on the concept of terroir and soil minerality.

  1. Terroir improvement:

    • Basalt flour and volcanic lava flour can improve the quality of the terroir by providing essential minerals that are absorbed by vines. This can result in wines with greater complexity and mineral expression, similar to wines produced in naturally volcanic soils.
  2. Minerality and flavor:

    • Like volcanic soils positively affect the taste of volcanic wines, the addition of basalt flour and lava flour can influence the minerality of the wines, even if the grapes are not grown in a natural volcanic soil. This could be especially attractive to wine growers seeking to replicate or approach the unique qualities of volcanic wines.
  3. Sustainability and organic practices:

    • Using these agricultural amendments aligns with sustainable and organic agriculture practices. Basalt and lava flours are natural products that do not imply synthetic chemicals, making them ideal for vineyards seeking organic or biodynamic certifications.
  4. Soil health:

    • These amendments can improve soil health and biological activity, which is crucial for a healthy vineyard and the production of high quality wines. A well mineralized soil with a rich microbial biodiversity can improve the resistance of vines to diseases and environmental stress.
  5. Marketing and Narrative:

    • For wine producers who use these amendments, there is an attractive story to tell consumers. They can highlight how the incorporation of volcanic flours enriches the soil and contributes to the complexity and unique profile of its wines.

In summary, wine producers seek to improve the quality of their wines and the mineral character of their soils can benefit significantly from the use of basalt flour and volcanic lava flour such as agricultural amendments. This allows them not only to improve the quality of their products, but also adopt more sustainable agricultural practices and create a richer brand narrative for their wines.

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