Innovando en Agricultura: Descubre el Compost Biodinámico con Lava Volcánica

Innovating in Agriculture: Discover Biodynamic Compost with Volcanic Lava

Biodynamic agriculture goes beyond organic practices, entering into a comprehensive conception of agricultural management, where each element, from the soil to the lunar phases, is part of a harmonious and vital whole. At, we are always looking for solutions that embody this philosophy, bringing you options that revolutionize the way you cultivate and live the land.

One of our innovations is the Biodynamic Mushroom and Volcanic Lava Compost, a mixture that combines organic and mineral wealth to revitalize your crops in a sustainable and powerful way.

What is Biodynamic Compost?

Biodynamic compost is distinguished by incorporating anthroposophical principles, considering cosmic and terrestrial forces and how these influence living beings and natural cycles. Through specific processes and the use of biodynamic preparations, this type of compost seeks not only to nourish the soil but also to energize the vital forces present in it and in the crops.

The Role of Volcanic Lava

The incorporation of volcanic lava in our biodynamic compost is no coincidence. This material, known for its porous capacity, is capable of absorbing and retaining water, progressively releasing it and facilitating the availability of moisture for plants. Additionally, as it decomposes, it releases essential minerals that, added to the compost, enrich and revitalize the substrate in a continuous and balanced way.

Benefits of Biodynamic Mushroom and Volcanic Lava Compost

  • Promotion of Biodiversity: This mixture enhances the biological activity of the soil, promoting a network of microorganisms that optimize the natural processes of decomposition and nutrition of plants.

  • Water retention: Thanks to the porosity of volcanic lava, biodynamic compost guarantees better water retention, essential especially in periods of drought or in soils prone to dehydration.

  • Balanced Nutrition: Mushroom compost provides a rich source of organic matter, ensuring a balanced release of nutrients over time.

  • Improvement of Soil Structure: The combination of organic and mineral elements contributes to an optimal soil structure, promoting root development and aeration of the substrate.

Application and Dosage

The application of biodynamic compost can be carried out at various stages of the growing cycle, being especially beneficial during soil preparation, to enhance germination and during phases of active plant growth.

  • Gardens and Vegetables: Apply a 5-10 cm layer of compost when preparing the planting beds and mix it with the top layer of soil.

  • Trees and Shrubs: Incorporate 2-3 kg of compost when planting and subsequently apply annually around the drip circle.

  • Pots and Containers: Use a mixture of up to 30% biodynamic compost in the planting substrate.

  • Meadows and Lawns: Spread a 1-2 cm layer of compost and rake lightly so that it integrates with the soil.


At, we firmly believe in the power of nature and its ability to offer balanced and sustainable solutions. Our Biodynamic Mushroom and Volcanic Lava Compost is a testament to this commitment, offering farmers and gardeners a vital tool to boost the health and productivity of their crops, always in tune with the rhythms and forces of nature.

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