Descubriendo el Preparado María Thun: Una Innovación en la Agricultura Biodinámica

Discovery Formulation Maria Thun: Innovation in Biodynamic Agriculture

Maria Thun formulation is a revolutionary biodynamic compound that combines feces, basalt, and eggshells to enhance the effectiveness of composting formulations, providing a powerful and balanced solution to enrich soil and support calcium and silicon processes crucial to plant health.

Enlightenment and Research

Maria Toon is recognized for her pioneering work in biodynamics, not directly referring to the well-known 500 fertilizer formulation, but rather to a method of improving the efficiency of composting formulations. The inspiration comes from research in Fribourg, Germany, where plants in calcareous sedimentary soil exhibit significantly less radioactive residues than those in siliceous soil. Due to the role of eggshells in the calcareous soil process and their regulation of soil acidity, eggshells have become the focus.

Creative process

Maria Toon's formulation is made by mixing 100 grams of dried and ground eggshells and 500 grams of basalt powder with five barrels of pure cow manure. After mixing and "dynamic" the ingredients for one hour, half of the mixture is placed in a bottomless barrel, buried between 40 and 50 centimeters underground, and the container is surrounded by extracted soil. Add compost preparations from 502 to 506 to the mixture, and then repeat the process with the lower half of the fertilizer mixture. Valerian (507) is ignited, sprayed on and around the barrel, and then covered with wooden boards.

Applications and Benefits

Once ready, its use is similar to the preparation of fertilizer 500, but requires less power time and activation of the decomposition process in the soil, thereby promoting soil biology and improving its structure. It is recommended to use green and decomposed fertilizers when adding them to winter farmland and grasslands after livestock grazing.

Innovate for the future

Mar í a Thun's technology is not intended to replace the formulation 500, but rather to supplement it, with a focus on activating the decomposition process and stimulating soil organisms, thereby improving soil structure and organic matter decomposition. Through this approach, not only does revitalization work save, but it also provides a means of consciously and biologically strengthening and nourishing the land, providing farmers with a sustainable and effective choice to improve their agricultural practices.

This article aims to provide readers with a deeper understanding of the world of biopharmaceuticals, especially Maria Tune's formulations and their potential impact on contemporary agricultural practices. Through knowledge and practice of biodynamics, farmers can explore more sustainable and interconnected planting methods, promoting symbiotic relationships with the land they grow.

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