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Substrates | Culture media

Substrates and culture media are the basis on which the roots of your plants settle. They function as physical support and the source of essential nutrients for plant growth. On, we understand the importance of a good substrate to guarantee the success of your plants, whether ornamental, garden or exotic.

Substrate functions

An adequate substrate guarantees:

  • Moisture retention: Maintain the necessary water for plants.
  • Aeration: Allow air flow to the roots.
  • Nutrition: Offer or retain essential nutrients.
  • Sewer system: Avoid excess water and prevent rotting of the roots.

Types of substrates in our collection

  • Basic substrates: They include natural land and mobs, perfect for most gardening applications.
  • Enriching substrates: Improved mixtures with compost or humus for additional nutrition and better plant growth.
  • Ecological substrates: Composed of organic and sustainable materials, these substrates are ideal for organic gardening and organic farming.
  • Specialized substrates: Like ours Sakura Terra, an expanded crushed clay similar to the Akadama, designed for the specific needs of your bonsais.
  • Decorative substrates: Thanks to its natural aesthetics, such as our volcanic gravel, they are perfect to give a special touch to your plants compositions.